What is Hermetics?

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Hermetics is the term given to the magical arts attributed to the ancient Greco- Egyptian teacher Hermes Trismagestus or Trismegistos Greek word meaning triple master or magus.

Hermetic teachings tell us that through specific exercises and practices we can learn to control the very substance of thought from which our spiritual beings are made and which underlies the whole of existence.

Through the training of consciousness we bring about balance in the underlying forces of our being, purify ourselves, develop our health, clear our perception and awaken to a new level of awareness. Through these practices all areas of being and ability simultaneously develop and improve. As the path progresses our abilities become such that through the manipulation of the hidden elemental forces of Earth, Air, Fire and Water we can bring about changes that for others would call magic. Freed from the constrains of the body the hermetic adept can truly be free and explore realms beyond the perception of understanding of the everyday world.  In it’s ultimate expression, the hermetic magus develops his powers to help the world and aid others and considers it his sacred duty to develop his abilities to the utmost to meet the perfected self.