Membership to the Hermetic Academy costs only £11.99 per year. This entitles you to access the online academy member area, find a teacher, attend events, seminars, and online events run by the School. Also, access to member’s online research material publisher endorsed books, contribute and discuss with other like-minded Hermetic students. With our diverse mature student teacher courses, there is no one course or class that fits all, as we are all unique, otherwise, we would be just be like robots, and lose our flavor and feeling not to mention our soul and in order to avoid that what all organization eventually become, we have purposely included this diversity to be available to include all kinds teachers and courses from the past and present and hermetically seal it within an unadulterated environment like our academy platform and events as a foundation which will encompass all knowledge, not just one of the others.

You can now then take all the good parts that are useful for your own self-development which will only enhance your experience and knowledge toward a creative inclination with our sincere best wishes for your and our success amen meaning (truth)

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