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Martin Faulks

From our conversation with Martin Faulks https://martinfaulks.co.uk/places-available-in-new-hermetic-meditation-school/

Whats is real?

ExcerptfromVol: 1 of Hermetica.Reprint available at  http://www.kessinger-publishing.com/From the Discourses of Hermes to Tat. -Hermes. Concerning reality, my son Tat, it is not possible for one who is but a man to speak adequately; for man is an imperfect creature,...

Alan Watts – bits of various seminars

A person who thinks all the time has nothing to think about except thoughts. So, he loses touch with reality and lives in a world of illusions. By thoughts I mean specifically chatter in the skull, perpetual and compulsive repetition of words, of reckoning and...


The www.hermetics.com portal was established in 1996, at that time it was the start of the internet in a way not many sites on hermetics apart from Rawn Clark and William Mistele, Ralf the friendly mage, Tim scot, Martin Faulks, please forgive me if ive missed a few...

Rawn Clark

Rawn Clark is a very well known Bardon Companion and one of the first Bardon students to share his experiance freely throughout the internet here is some youtube video from Rawn Clark. ...

Hermetic Academy face lift

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Hermetic Academy

Welcome to the Hermatic Academy.   Academy Venue:  1 Fore Street, London   When: Saturday, June 4th 2016  

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